History & vision

Coleridge Cymru was formed to provide missing links in British culture. We are based in Wales. We’ve grown quickly because people respond to the way we work. We’re applying to become a Charity.

In modern busy life many people aren’t accustomed to being listened to. But we listen carefully. We understand a philosophy of relationship that has been lost in many of our organisational cultures and public life.

People are relational beings. As we talk about this, and show it, people begin to remember what working together is all about. We create space for people, and grow confidence.

We provide person-centred facilitation, listening closely to you and your colleagues, community, business or venture and make space for new things to happen.

Sometimes people ask us if we are a religious organisation because we work on faith projects. We’re not. We provide facilitation and cultural education about hosting each other. Our work is grounded in the great American psychologist Carl Rogers whose work is secular. We also understand Coleridge – the remarkable British poet and theologian. This heritage allows us to conduct facilitation in the area of faith and secular culture, in community, environment and education. Our work is for everybody

You’ll find the story of how we began our offer and work in the following article from the Institute of Welsh Affairs Magazine from 2015.  

Click below to read an Institute of Welsh Affairs article on the founding of Coleridge in Wales.

Our work is underpinned by insights from psychologist Carl Rodgers.

Here's a UNESCO Education article about Rogers' Offer.

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