Political event invitation – Welsh Public Life & the Power of Justice

Invitation: Welsh Public Life & the Power of Justice


An invitation to Welsh and other interested politicians was made to join the political afternoon of a conference about Welsh culture and justice on Friday 14th October 2022 brought together by the New Library with Cambridge, Cardiff and Bath Spa Universities in Llantwit Major.

This is an initiative to bring fresh, deeply human, vibrant, established philosophical and practical thinking and resources to the current UK political and cultural log jams and crises in a simple, clear public way. It is an offer for all the main political parties.

The initiative is part of a new Welsh exploration of the transformative agency of justice in public life.

An edited video of Richard Parry’s talk to Welsh politicians during this cross-party political afternoon is here:

It includes a short musical performance from the internationally acclaimed Welsh musicians Bragod.

Background conference information: Paul Tillich Today: The Two Roots of Political Thinking (introduction)

The intellectual defence of Anglo-Saxon civilisation against fascist ideologies is extremely weak. Common-sense philosophy and pragmatism are not able to provide criteria against the dynamic irrationalism of the new movements; and they are not able to awaken the moral power of resistance necessary for the maintenance of the humanistic values embodied in Western and Anglo-Saxon civilisation.

Paul Tillich, Morality and Beyond

The invitation to this political afternoon for exploring the transformative power of justice  public life  is made to national politicians and elected local politicians from all parties.

Friday 14th October 2022

1.15pm:  Soup lunch

2.00 – 3.30pm: Political afternoon – Welsh Public Life & The Power of Justice

Venue: The New Library, St Illtud’s, College Street, Llantwit Major CF61 1SG

Politicians and staff wishing to explore the initiative further are welcome to get in touch via  justice@newlibrary.wales


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